WordPress Editing with Built-in Plugin Editor

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, you must be using plugins. B’cos using plugins you can add any functionality you can imagine to your blog. And, there are thousands of plugins out there to make your blogging job simple. But, after installing a new plugin sometime we think – the background color should be green instead of Blue, the submit tab should be little bit bigger and so on. And, all these thing can be achievable by editing the plugin with the built-in plugin editor.

How to do : Login to your WordPress dashboard —> Plugins —> Editor —> select a plugin by using the drop-down list located at the top right of the screen —> Edit codes according to your need —> Click on the update file to save all your plugin modification.

The built-in plugin editor is almost same as the built-in theme editor in WordPress. When you edit a plugin and save, you are actually live editing the plugin files on the server.


WordPress Plugin Editor Panel


1. Always keep a backup of the plugin you are editing. B’cos there is no undo button here.

2. If you are not sure what you are going to do then deactivate the plugin before editing.

3. After editing the plugin if you are having problem on your blog then delete the plugin and upload the back up plugin file to your server via WordPress Admin dashboard or through FTP route.

So, edit your plugin a bit using the WordPress plugin editor and give your WordPress theme a more customize appearance.

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