Use CAPTCHA on Your Blog

CAPTCHA stands for – Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Just like the name, it makes your blog visitors puzzle. Every time a visitor fill a verification form (figuring out the distorted text), it triggers a chemical reaction in the users’ Limbic System of the brain which analyzes all types of user experience and send  a signal to the memory area of the cerebral cortex. Finally, due to remembrance of poor usability factor, lot of loyal readers reluctant to visit you blog. A great loss for sure!

Real life experience: One of my friend, who has a successful fashion and movie blog (WordPress), recently got lots of request from visitors to remove the annoying CAPTCHA in the commenting system for better interaction. She did it. And the result? More and more number of comments on her blog :)


Most of the bloggers use the great Anti Spam WordPress Plugin AKISMAT to fight spam. Although AKISMAT fights very well with spam as per its reputation, still few street-smart spams and spammers manage to enter the green room, or even the main stage of your blog! This is where CAPTCHA comes to rescue.

AKISMAT is used to fight spammy comments on your blog. What about the registration form and contact form on your blog? To safeguard these areas from spams, bloggers use CAPTCHAs.

CAPTCHA is like airport security

You must have experienced the formalities and nuisance to go through the airport security. But, it serves a purpose. Using CAPTCHA is just like that. But, does it really serve the purpose (airport security and CAPTCHA)? Not really 100%, at least for me.

Secondly, many non English speaking visitors like Chinese, usually face great problem filling CAPTCHA form. It’s a real nightmare for them.

Should you Use CAPTCHA

In my opinion, for Contact form and Registration form you should use CAPTCHA. But for Commenting system, the only way for your visitors to interact with you should contains CAPTCHA or not is still debatable. And, left to individual bloggers/webmasters to decide whether CAPTCHA is required or not, based on the number of spams they are getting with AKISMAT, number of false +Ve spams even with CAPTCHA, loss of followers/visitors due to use of CAPTCHA and user request to remove the CAPTCHA.

What’s your opinion: I also use CAPTCHA on Comments of my WordPress Powered blog . Do you face any problem filling the CAPTCHA form to verify that you are a human being? Or, should I remove the CAPTCHA from my blog? I will appreciate your valuable comments.

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