Top Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins Combat Spam Attack

Do you get bag full of spams everyday? Your answer may be ‘ No ’. But, the truth is 99% of bloggers struggle with their spam issues most of the time.

Spam is an universal headache for bloggers. There is no denying in this.

Have you ever thought – Spams take how much time of your blogging career or your life?

Example: Suppose you spend 10 min everyday to segregate and delete spams on your WordPress blog. It comes to 36,500 min, or 608 hours, or 25 days of your life – in a 10 yrs of blogging career.

Are you ready to dedicate 25 precious days of your life to these bloody spams?!  Never!!

And, how will you and your users feel, when a spammer sits in your comment system between all your loyal fans and followers? Awkward and embarrassed? Huh…

That’s why I have collected 7 BEST Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins to tackle your spam issues effectively.

Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

1. Antispam Bee: One of the best and highly configurable anti-spam plugin.

Few good features of Antispam Bee are – Spam counter on dashboard, Trackback and pingback check, Automatic cleanup of spam folder, Email notification about new spam comments and Remember comments which are already marked as spams.

2. Akismet: Most popular and highly trusted anti-spam WordPress plugin.

It checks your comments via Akismet Web-Server to decide whether it is spam or not. Main features of Akismet are Highlighting of misleading links, Comment status history, You can see the number of approved comments per each user also.

3. Bad Behavior: It’s a PHP based solution to block spammy activities and the robots which deliver it.

It has the ability to detect newer spams by analyzing the delivery methods and the software used by the spammers. It compliments other spam plugins to deny access automated spam-bots.

4. Defensio Anti-Spam: It’s an advanced anti-spam service which learns to adapt the spammy behavior of commenters.

Main features are Open ID support, Detailed statistics, charts and counter widgets. It’s an All-in-one anti-spam WordPress plugin in itself. You can’t use Akismet or other anti-spam plugins with it. So, before activating Defensio Anti-Spam plugin you have to deactivate Akismet.

5. Math Comment Spam Protection: It asks the commenter a simple mathematical question to decide whether he is a human being or spam-bot.

Example : Sum of 5 + 4 = ?

As spam-bots are automated and brainless in nature, they can’t give the answer to get inside your blog. One of the most popular and highly effective spam protection WordPress plugin.

6. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam: One of the best anti-spam methods for WordPress forms, comments, User Registration, Login, Lost password etc.

Users have to type the codes shown on the image to get in. This prevents spams from automated bots.

7. Fast Secure Contact Form: A highly customizable contact form which blocks Emails from automated spammers.

It includes CAPTCHA and Akismet support to block spam comments. If you are looking for a spam free and tailor-made contact form for your WordPress blog, then Fast Secure Contact Form is definitely for you.

Do you use any other Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin which effectively fight SPAMS?

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