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Get Real IP address using PHP

To get user IP in PHP, a lot of programmer would use $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]. However, it may not return the true IP address of the client. When will $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] not return true IP ?? 1)Client access through Proxy Server It is because the client may be connected to your site through Proxy Server. By using $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’], you may be able to the IP address of the proxy server not the client server.

PHP 5.4 is Released

It’s difficult to believe almost three years have elapsed since PHP 5.3.0. The next version should have been PHP 6.0 but unicode problems have delayed development. This latest version provides many of the features planned for version 6.0. PHP 5.4 is available to download from the php.net website. There’s a PHP 5.3 migration guide if you want to keep your old settings. While it’s stable, you’d be advised to test your sites and applications before installing it on live servers. […]