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5 plus 5 SEO Tips For Bloggers

seo blogger

Are you a serious blogger, who wants to earn some extra bucks for pocket money? Or, planning to make blogging as a full-time career? If this is the case, then your blog needs more search engine visibility and more clicks. And you can safely guess “more clicks means more revenue.” Now, the question is – How can you achieve more search engine visibility? It’s simple – Optimize your blog content for search engines, or S-E-O. Without much ado, lets dive […]

Magento 1.3.1 Ver Problem Fix – Magento


Magento 1.3.1 Ver Problem Fix:: The problem is that i enter my user and password, and nothing happens, it stays in the same page. The only difference is that in the URL, some paths and a key is add. It gets this value: http://localhost/magento/index.php/admin/index/index/key/06afe757bc07991264f0974bbbbcd13e/ How can I enter the admin area normally? Xampp 1.7.1 Not Working with Magento 1.3.1 Ver. Install it ………..WampServer2.0h Use it: Thnaks. webduos.

Best Way to Prevent WordPress Spam Comment

After tweaking codes to protect my blog from hackers and malicious bots, I wanted to prevent wordpress spam. My blogs have been receiving ton of spam and it gets annoying every time. By the way, I didn’t use Akismet until now. I know most of you do but Akismet alone can’t combat spam. I did some research, read some good posts written by others, and finally implemented whatever worked for me. I was a little ignorant last year; as a matter […]

Permalinks WordPress

As you will probably know or have read around, WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems you can use when it comes to SEO. It is a fact that URLs are very important for SEO, so you should dedicate some time to deciding what would be the best structure for your site or blog. Default is Rarely, if Ever, Good The default permalinks are horrible in terms of SEO, as they make no semantic sense. Here are some examples […]

Google Launches ‘Disavow’ Bad Links Tool

Google has finally launched their own ‘Disavow’ Bad Links Tool. The tool allows you to remove bad inbound links that are harming your website’s rankings. That means, by adding bad incoming links in this tool – you are telling Google that you do not want these links to consider while deciding your site’s rankings in SERPs. The tool was first launched by Bing earlier this year. How To Use ‘Disavow’ Bad Links Tool: Step 1: To use this tool, first […]

Drupal SEO modules

Your marketing efforts for the growth of your business starts with the growth of your website! Growing your website means increasing the traffic to your website Out of the box, Drupal SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is pretty good. But there’s definitely extra work that you can do to make it even better. In this short article I want to focus on a selection of Drupal SEO modules which provide fundamental enhancements that I think should be included in the Drupal […]

Google Custom Search Engine for website

Takeaway: There are both free and cheap versions of the Google Custom Search Engine, and it’s easy to set up.   Most, but not all organizations with a restricted intranet utilize an in-house site search feature that provides employees, members, and outside affiliates with remote access and the ability to search for internal documents, data, and other information from within the private network. Did you know that Google offers customized search that you can add to your website? The Google […]

PHP cURL functions tutorial

cURL is a library which allows you to connect and communicate to many different types of servers with many different types of protocols. Using cURL you can: Implement payment gateways’ payment notification scripts. Download and upload files from remote servers. Login to other websites and access members only sections. PHP cURL library is definitely the odd man out. Unlike other PHP libraries where a whole plethora of functions is made available, PHP cURL wraps up a major parts of its […]

Increase Alexa Rank of your Website

Alexa rank plays a major role in your blogging career, specially if you are a professional blogger. You must have spent sleepless nights asking yourself “ How to increase my alexa rank to attract advertisers and sponsors ? ” There are blogs with Google page rank 4 or 5 with a good amount of traffic, but their alexa rank is still very low, b’cos alexa has nothing to do with Google page rank or the number of visits. There is […]

Tips to Secure your Facebook Account

Facebook the Giant social networking site has recently overtaken the Google in Alexa rank. This clearly shows the dominance of Facebook on the world of internet. There are more than 955 million of users in Facebook according to the recent information. Providing security for all the users is a big challenge before the Facebook  Keeping it in mind Facebook has provided of many security layers and settings to its users. Irrespective of that thousands of Facebook accounts are getting hacked each and every day, just […]