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Add Google Analytics to Oscommerce Store


I just saw an other forum post in the osCommerce forum, asking how to add google analytics to a osCommerce store. Adding google analytics to your osCommerce store became in version 2.3.1 a very easy process. There are no files to edit or any code to add to anywhere. All you have to do is to install the module in your administration panel. Let’s take things from the beginning and step by step, there are actually just to steps to […]

CSS3 Text Shadows

CSS3 Text Shadows

Our journey to the world of shadows continues. If you missed the article, we explored the basics of using the box-shadow property. Today we are going to focus on the text-shadow. Just to remind you: both properties, while defined in different modules, actually work in a similar way. So if you are already familiar with the box-shadow you will easily understand the basics of the text-shadow’s art. Before we jump into the practice, let’s delve a little bit into the […]