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How to Login with Facebook and Twitter


As we know Facebook and Twitter have become large in the social network world and both networks offering oAuth support. Nowadays web users not interested to filling the big registration forms. This tutorial helps you to avoid registration forms, It’s is very useful and simple to integrate. Database: Sample database users table columns id, email, oauth_uid, oauth_provider and username. CREATE TABLE users ( id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, email VARCHAR(70), oauth_uid VARCHAR(200), oauth_provider VARCHAR(200), username VARCHAR(100), twitter_oauth_token VARCHAR(200), twitter_oauth_token_secret VARCHAR(200) […]

Best Way to Prevent WordPress Spam Comment


After tweaking codes to protect my blog from hackers and malicious bots, I wanted to prevent wordpress spam. My blogs have been receiving ton of spam and it gets annoying every time. By the way, I didn’t use Akismet until now. I know most of you do but Akismet alone can’t combat spam. I did some research, read some good posts written by others, and finally implemented whatever worked for me. I was a little ignorant last year; as a matter […]

More Followers & Get Better At Twitter


A revolution can be sowed by 140 characters. The spread of a tweet is exponential and in popular cases, very viral. But just a simple cog in the giant wheel of humanity, I am not really interested in using the power of Twitter to be a rebel with or without a cause. I would much rather use it for personal productivity. And just for enhancing one’s own personal brand, Twitter is a vehicle with rocket boosters. For that, one has to become […]

SEO : Facebook and Twitter Like count in PageRank?

SEO : Facebook and Twitter Like count in PageRank?

Did you ever thought about links from sites like Facebook and twitter affect your sites PageRank or not! or You were busy making social connection out of those site. If you were then that is not bad. After all those are great sites for building social relationship and get loyal customers. Even you were busy building social link with customers, it is good to know now that those links equally count to your Google page rank. Though Facebook’s most of […]

The 30 most popular Jomsocial extensions

The 30 most popular Jomsocial extensions

This is a list with the 30 most popular extensions for Jomsocial. 1. MiniSoge – Gender based avatar MiniSoge automatically changes a users avatar at login when he is still using the default JomSocial one. What it does is simple: 1. When a user logs in the plugin checks if you are using the default jomsocial avatar 2. If the user is still using it, it checks if the user has set his/her gender 3. If a gender is set […]