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Photoshop CS6 Useful Tutorials

Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used graphic editing tools, which is loved by its users. It has become a really cool multipurpose tool over the years, which has the ability of creating complicated graphic designs, animations and editing and modifying images to create something surreal and wonderful. The best things about it are its amazing user interface, various useful tools which make your task easier and the fact that once you get used to it, […]

PSD to HTML/CSS Tutorials

In this roundup, we present very helpful collection of excellent PSDs to HTML or CSS conversion tutorials. With the passage of time, more and more people are getting familiar with HTML and CSS as well as the different techniques to convert Photoshop designs into HTML or CSS format. For a designer or web developer, knowing how to convert PSD files to HTML or CSS code is crucial. A successful blogger, designer or developer is well equipped with this essential technique […]

Free and Useful jQuery Plugins for Developers

Today, we have collected amazing Free and Useful jQuery Plugins/Tutorials for Developers that you can download for free and use for your next projects. These tutorials covers features like Facebook like registration, Sign in with Google, implementing Site search with Google and others. So browser through these amazing tutorials and give them a try. 1. Facebook like Registration using jQuery 2. Sign in with Google 3. Google Powered Site Search with jQuery 4. Create a Beautiful Password Strength Meter 5. Create […]

3D Text Effects in Photoshop

Typography is not just about the arrangement and placement of letters and words, rather it has become a field of art where artists can express themselves solely through the use of different styles of fonts with varying sizes. Typography has continued to expand as an art, though one must always heed the design principles behind it. Then one finds themselves freer to explore the more artistic sides of this element. Many designers make use of Photoshop to generate some stunning […]

Best Creative Uses for PHP

If you are familiar with the basics of PHP, then you’re probably wondering how you can use it to make your website more appealing. The possibilities are endless, and you can write your own PHP scripts or implement widely available scripts from around the web. Let’s get started with 15 creative uses for PHP for your website! 1. E-Commerce E-commerce is one of the major uses for PHP. From a small business level to an enterprise level, businesses are always […]

7 Cool text-shadow Samples

7 Cool text-shadow Samples

We’ve been exploring the basics on how to use CSS3 shadows: box-shadow and text-shadow. Today, we are going to improve our skills and look into how to build some amazing text-shadows. Some of the ideas for shadows, I found in various tutorials for Photoshop— I was interested in whether or not I could achieve similar effects by using just text-shadow. Internet Explorer and Windows 8 To try all these samples yourself and express your creativity with the text-shadow, try downloading […]

Starting Website With HTML

(How to Create a Home Page) Getting Started This guide will teach you how to write HTML code by using interactive test boxes, starting in Chapter 1. I keep the chapters short and simple, so I call every chapter a MiniChapter. By the time you finish MiniChapter 10, you’ll have a pretty great idea of how to put together your web site. You’re probably thinking, “Great, I can learn basic HTML in 10 short chapters, but how do I get […]