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Free WordPress Themes of the Month

Although plugins are fantastically useful and can equip your site with a huge variety of functions, it is your theme that really sets you apart from the competition. And make no mistake — as I said in yesterday’s post on creating an authority blog, your design can have a huge impact on the popularity of your site. Furthermore, it can affect the perception of your site amongst those who you really want to impress. With that said, one would be forgiven for thinking that a premium theme is […]

Top Drupal Themes

Top Drupal Themes

Since its inception, Drupal has had the (rather infamous) reputation of being the developer’s CMS. Designing a website using Drupal meant hard-coding every aspect of the appearance of your website. However, over time, and with the advent of Drupal 7, the picture has changed. Drupal too, like WordPress, now boasts of several new and beautiful themes (also called templates), and the number is increasing everyday (including ports of themes from WP). In this article, we take a look at some […]

30 jQuery Image Slider Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery image slider plugins are very popular these days and found on many many websites. There are several interesting use cases for image sliders, however I think it is most common to use them on the front page to showcase featured articles or products. I’m a great fan of jQuery because it is easy to use, proven and then there are literally hundreds if not thousands of free plugins available. There is also a good selection of Image slider plugins […]