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Top 5 Ways To Get Good Quality Backlinks

good quality backlink

Finding good quality backlinks is difficult in this day and age. It may be tempting just to load up a cheap backlinking tool and let it plug away at linkbuilding, but any link that is easy to get probably isn’t worth its weight in salt. Similarly, if there was an algorithm update, chances are high that you may be affected from it negatively. Here are a few methods to finding the kind of backlinks you need. The first few are […]

Online Tools for Website Speed Test

Online Tools for Website Speed Test

Every webmaster knows, how important is Website Speed test. Even in the era of 3G, when internet runs at a speed of GB or TB per sec, website speed still matters a lot to webmasters. A speedy website not only ranks well on SERPs, but also attracts and retains visitors due to better user experience. You should consider a combination of online tools for your website speed test. What are you waiting for? Test drive these free online tools to […]

Wrapping Text in PHP

Sometimes we need to wrap text to exactly accommodate a certain width of text or allowing browsers to wrap text whenever required. You can use PHP’s wordwrap() function to wrap a string into new lines when it reaches a specific length. This function limits text display to a particular column size, thereby allowing precise control over how text is rendered on a Web page. By default, wordwrap() wraps strings at column 75 using the standard newline sequence. Below example is […]

jQuery Interview Questions and Answers

There are list of latest and updated jQuery interview questions and their answers for fresher and experienced developers. These interview question covers latest version of jQuery. These interview questions will help you to prepare for the interviews, for quick revision and provide strength to your technical skills. Q1. What is jQuery? Ans: jQuery is fast, lightweight and feature-rich client side JavaScript Library/Framework which helps in to traverse HTML DOM, make animations, add Ajax interaction, manipulate the page content, change the style and provide cool UI […]

How to post HTML/java codes in blogger?


How to post HTML/java codes in blogger? Hi, If you are blogspot.com platform blogger and want to post HTML/JAVA source codes you have to take two simple steps. Step 1 Go to your blogger Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML, now you have to add this CSS code above “]]> </b:template-skin>” code. pre { background:#cccc; border:1px solid #dddddd; font-size:100%; line-height:100%; overflow:auto; padding:8px; color:#000000; } pre:hover { border:1px solid #cdcdcd; } code { font-size:100%; text-align:left; margin:0; padding:0; color: #000000; } .clear […]

Remove Repeated Words in String – PHP

Usually we do remove duplicate words from a string using array functions etc, But it’s very slow doing that way because of the size of the string. The fastest way to achieve the same result is PHP regex. You can remove duplicate words using PHP regular expressions with preg_replace. Below is a complete PHP example code using regular expression to remove duplicate words from a string. <?php $text =‘one one, two three, two’; $result_text = preg_replace(“/\b(\w+)\s+\\1\b/i”, “$1″, $text); echo “Result […]

Best Web Design Trends in 2013

We all know that technology and the virtual world are constantly evolving. Before you know there is a new trend in the market when it comes to web designing.As a web designer, you should be constantly striving to find the latest and trendy ways to improve the entire look of your website If you really want to see how much the web designing industry has progressed, view your website page which was four or five years back and you will be amazed […]

8 Useful Video Plugins in wordpress

Are you a video blogger? Video bloggers, also known as vloggers, use videos to express themselves as opposed to text and images. Because of this, it’s extremely important that their video embedding plugin of choice is suffice for their needs. Even though I’m not a video blogger, I’m pretty sure that having nice looking videos is a top priority. By that I mean videos that aren’t plain or boring, but instead have a little style added to them – anything other […]

Simple JQuery Drop Down Menu

Drop Down menu is the crucial role playing item in any web design. Never mistake by ignoring your website drop downs because none of design can attract that smartly but a stylish looking drop down menu can do the smart work. Are you one who looking for some simplest solution of how to make a jQuery drop down menu? If yes! Luckily you’re at the right place. Our this tutorial will help newbies to learn how drop down menus work […]

Best Way to Prevent WordPress Spam Comment

After tweaking codes to protect my blog from hackers and malicious bots, I wanted to prevent wordpress spam. My blogs have been receiving ton of spam and it gets annoying every time. By the way, I didn’t use Akismet until now. I know most of you do but Akismet alone can’t combat spam. I did some research, read some good posts written by others, and finally implemented whatever worked for me. I was a little ignorant last year; as a matter […]