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Add Google Analytics to Oscommerce Store

I just saw an other forum post in the osCommerce forum, asking how to add google analytics to a osCommerce store. Adding google analytics to your osCommerce store became in version 2.3.1 a very easy process. There are no files to edit or any code to add to anywhere. All you have to do is to install the module in your administration panel. Let’s take things from the beginning and step by step, there are actually just to steps to […]

Increase OSCommerce Performance


Dramatically Increase OSCommerce Performance with ‘Pagespeed’ on Firefox. Recommended in Google’s Webmaster Tools, Pagespeed will quickly and easily analyze your site’s performance. More importantly, this analysis will also give you the exact reasons why your site performs as it does, list out the specific steps you can do to improve it AND gives you the tools to do it plus the links to understand what you are doing.

Decrease Page Load time in OSCommerce

Decrease Page Load time in OSCommerce

Cut Initial Page Loading times approx. 35% in OSCommerce 2.3 and OSC to CSS by letting Google host Jquery. Measured with Page Speed, a new, unmodified install of OSCommerce 2.3 on a typical DSL connection had initial page loading times of about 8.5 to 9.0 seconds. By doing nothing more than replacing the references to the main Jquery Libraries with Google API references, 3.5 seconds were whacked off the initial page load time, resulting in 5 to 5.5 second initial […]