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Google Custom Search Engine for website

Takeaway: There are both free and cheap versions of the Google Custom Search Engine, and it’s easy to set up.   Most, but not all organizations with a restricted intranet utilize an in-house site search feature that provides employees, members, and outside affiliates with remote access and the ability to search for internal documents, data, and other information from within the private network. Did you know that Google offers customized search that you can add to your website? The Google […]

Add Google Custom Search to WordPress

The default search engine that ships with WordPress does not do a very good job when you start to get a bit of content on your WordPress powered site. It just isn’t as smart as Google search so you should integrate Google Custom Search (CSE) into your WordPress site as sooon as possible. This will allow your visitors to searh your site efficeintly. In this video tutorial I will show you how you can easily change your default WordPress search […]