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Php Interview Questions and Answers – Part 9

1- How can we know that a session is started or not? A session starts by session_start() function. This session_start() is always declared in header portion. it always declares first. then we write session_register(). 2- What are the differences between  mysql_fetch_array(),  mysql_fetch_object(),  mysql_fetch_row()? Answer 1: mysql_fetch_array() -> Fetch a result row as a combination of associative array and regular array. mysql_fetch_object() -> Fetch a result row as an object. mysql_fetch_row() -> Fetch a result set as a regular array(). Answer […]

Validate and Sanitize Data in PHP

Data Sanitization and Validation is an important step to maintain highest quality standard of Data Security. Since PHP 5.2.0, data sanitization and validation has been made significantly easier with the introduction of data filtering. Why Sanitize and Validate?? On different web applications, there are sorts of threats related to data security from user-inputs and third-party data. Some data security threats: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) A form of code injection where a script is injected onto a website from a completely different […]

PHP 5.4 is Released

It’s difficult to believe almost three years have elapsed since PHP 5.3.0. The next version should have been PHP 6.0 but unicode problems have delayed development. This latest version provides many of the features planned for version 6.0. PHP 5.4 is available to download from the php.net website. There’s a PHP 5.3 migration guide if you want to keep your old settings. While it’s stable, you’d be advised to test your sites and applications before installing it on live servers. […]