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Tweaks to Improve WordPress Posts and Pages

We love WordPress – but not all of us are ready to settle with all its default settings and displays – particularly how posts are displayed. As we’re taught that uniqueness does matter to a website’s branding which gives the visitors a great impression, throughout these years bloggers and developers have been striving to tweak the post display, in order to make it as unique as possible. Today we are going to focus on the smart tweaks you can perform […]

Simple JQuery Drop Down Menu

Drop Down menu is the crucial role playing item in any web design. Never mistake by ignoring your website drop downs because none of design can attract that smartly but a stylish looking drop down menu can do the smart work. Are you one who looking for some simplest solution of how to make a jQuery drop down menu? If yes! Luckily you’re at the right place. Our this tutorial will help newbies to learn how drop down menus work […]

Count Number of Elements With Jquery

There may be times when you need to work out how many times a particular element appears on a page or within a section with Javascript and this is easy to do with jQuery using the length property. Using the method in this post you can also work out if an element exists on the page with jQuery. What is correct way to count number of elements using jQuery? It can be done using .length and size() method but here […]

Text Rotation With CSS

Within the article I tell about Text Rotation With CSS. All of the major browsers support some kind of text rotation. For a cross-browser implementation, you have to include a number of CSS instructions and additionally, maybe even some JavaScript for positioning. Just because you can rotate text every which way, be sure to think about whether it’s a good idea or not before throwing in a bunch of vertical text in your pages. CSS Transform Object The transform object […]

Find Smallest Div With Jquery

In this Article, jQuery code to find smallest/shortest div element with respect to height of div element. The jQuery code iterates through all the div elements and finds the smallest and then highlight it. Below show you the way to find smallest div The HTML code of Div: <div style="height:40px;width:200px">My height is 40px</div><br/> <div style="height:50px;width:200px">My height is 50px</div><br/> <div style="height:30px;width:200px">My height is 30px</div><br/> <div style="height:35px;width:200px">My height is 35px</div><br/> CSS Code : body { padding: 10px; } div { <strong>font</strong>-family:Calibri; <strong>font</strong>-size:12pt; […]