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Can You Answer These 10 SEO Questions

I’ve compiled a set of 10 useful SEO questionnaire to brush-up your SEO knowledge. Sometimes, instead of reading lengthy articles and spending hours together, a few well-structured questions can make you dig deeper into the topic. I’m sure – most of the answers you already know. Rate yourself by giving you “number of questions you have answered correctly out of 10.” For better results/knowledge don’t read the answer immediately. Read the question, think a bit, and match your guess by […]

Best and Free jQuery Calendar Date Picker

No doubt jQuery is very famous and popular among the developers because of its flexibility versatility. jQuery offers many exciting features that’s why it is the most used technology in the web. Now a days, so many plugins are created by using jQuery. In those collection, we have gathered some jQuery calendar date picker plugins. These jQuery calendar date picker plugins are very smart, elegant and simple and will make your output planners and calendars even more easier for all. […]

jQuery Mistakes you can fix

jQuery is so easy to use that sometimes we just forget that it’s not CSS. While using CSS, we don’t have to give much thought to performance, because it’s so fast that it’s not worth the effort to optimize it. But when it comes to the real world, jQuery can drive developers crazy with performance issues. Sometimes you lose precious milliseconds without even noticing it. Also, it’s so easy to forget about some functions and we keep using the old […]

Compress JSON data

JSON is good data format to grab some server side data through an AJAX call. For example by using jQuery.ajax method. In PHP, to provide data in JSON format in super simple. However, when the data is large, do you know any ways to compress the data to facilitate for fast transmission. JSON – JavaScript Object Notation Here is a simple tutorial to introduce how to use format data in JSON format in PHP. First, you need to set the […]

jQuery.ajax() More Usefull Then jQuery.Post()

jQuery.ajax() More Usefull Then jQuery.Post()

Well, as you are aware that there are many ways to make an ajax call. So 2 very common ways are jQuery.Post() and jQuery.get().jQuery post() is for to make a post request and jQuery get() is to make a get request. That’s the only difference between jQuery Post() and jQuery get(). These methods are very popular for ajax call because they are simple to write and easy to remember the syntax as well. But you are making a mistake over […]

10 Powerful AJAX jQuery File Uploaders

10 Powerful AJAX jQuery File Uploaders

Being able to upload files and images onto a website is one of the most common tasks in the modern web.  Whether it’s letting a user upload a profile picture to their social networking profile, or complex file hosting and sharing services, users like to upload files.  Uploading files is a relatively simple task, but there are a lot of improvements that can be made over the default to help improve usability. That’s where AJAX and jQuery come in, because […]