Set your Permalink for Better SEO

Have you set your permalink correctly. If not, do it now to make your blog SEO friendly. Permalinks means – Permanent URLs to your blog posts and categories. These URLs are permanent, they never change, hence called Permalink. For better Search Engine Optimization, correct permalink structure for your blog is most important.

Now, I will tell you about 02 types of URLs- 1.Pretty URL and 2.Dirty URL.

Example of Dirty URL –

Example of Pretty URL after proper restructuring –

Ofcourse the 2nd one is pretty, easy to remember and search engine friendly. Search engine crawlers easily know that this topic is about Permalink Setting for WordPress by reading the URL( pretty URL ).

How to do : Login to your WordPress dashboard –> Setting –>Permalinks –> Enter a custom structure by checking the radio button –> Click on Save Changes.

The best permalink structures for SEO purpose are /%category%/%postname%/  and  /%postname%. I have used the first one for for my personal convenience. But both the structures are SEO friendly. Below is a snap shot of permalink setting on the WordPress dash board :


Set your custom permalink structure for better search engine optimization and better search engine traffic.

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