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Lesson-from-Successful-SEO-ProfessionalThe statement ‘Yes, we can change’ is a line from Senator Barack Obama’s winning speech in South Carolina.

It speaks volume. It’s a million dollar line. It’s a million dollar lesson to all the people who aspire to be big one day.

You must be thinking, what’s the similarity between Obama’s speech and successful SEO professionals?

Actually, this great guy has given a great lesson to SEO industry, and SEO professionals. And the precious, enlightening and million dollar one-word lesson is “Change.”

SEO is an ever evolving subject. Everyday it replicates itself. Every now and then Google adds or substracts a ranking signal. If you can’t accept the change as an SEO professional, then you are bound to fail. You are bound to bite the dust in the ever changing SEO world.

1. Gone are the days, when SEO practitioners used to do permutations and combinations of keywords to make a great line of meta keywords.

2. Gone are the days, when webmasters were stuffing their one-page website with a targeted keyword to get a higher rank in search engines.

3. Gone are the days, when exact match keywords in domain name was doing all the hard work (for you), and ranking high in search engines (for the same keywords).

4. Gone are the days, when a handful of links from article directories were sufficient to tricks the search engines.

5. Gone are the days, when buying 500 links for 50$ was the hottest trend to gain trust of search engines.

In the days of Panda, penguin and Co-citations – you can’t trick search engines. You can’t fool Google.

You have to change as an SEO professional. You have to make a website search engine friendly, crawlable, indexable and devoid of duplicate content.

You have to produce high quality and fresh content, which can make a ripple in social media world. You have to produce great content which your readers are searching, like George Bush was searching for Osama Bin Laden

Finally, this great guy (Obama) put a full-stop in Bin Laden’s hide and seek game, and gave the people of the world what they were searching for.

Isn’t it a great lesson for all SEO professionals to survive, fight and excel in ever changing SEO industry?

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