Online Tools for Website Speed Test

Online Tools for Website Speed Test

Every webmaster knows, how important is Website Speed test. Even in the era of 3G, when internet runs at a speed of GB or TB per sec, website speed still matters a lot to webmasters.

A speedy website not only ranks well on SERPs, but also attracts and retains visitors due to better user experience. You should consider a combination of online tools for your website speed test. What are you waiting for? Test drive these free online tools to test your website speed.

Reduced page load time leads to reduce bounce rates leading to increase conversion rates. Also ranks your website higher on SERPs.

1. Pingdom: One of the best and free online tool for website speed test. But you should use this tool on different browsers and compare with the results from other tools. It provides several reports like load time, page size, HTTPs requests with a grading (out of 100 pts.).

2. Page Speed Online: This free online website testing tool is from Google Developers Team. It analyzes the page content and suggests required changes to make your website fast. Interestingly, it prioritizes all the changes you have to do to make your website speedy.

3. Which Loads Faster ?: Its an awesome tool for playing around with different websites. This website speed testing tool makes 2 websites compete with each other in terms of loading time. You can compete your own website with your competitors for better assessment and required modifications. You can compete few default sites like Google vs Bing, Apple vs Adobe etc. also for fun.

4. Load Impact: This free online tool tests the loading time of you website and presents a graphical data with lots of information. A must have tool in your(any webmaster’s)  kitty.

5. Browser Mob: A free website speed testing tool by Browsermob. It generates simulated website traffic from different IP addresses and tests your website loading speed.

Other Free Online Tools for Website Speed Test

6. GT Matrix: This website uses YSlow and web-page speed to analyze your website speed.

7. Web Page Test: This free tool tests your website speed with different browsers from different locations around the world.

8. Web Page Analyzer: This free tool analyzes page size, composition and download time.

9. Website Speed Test: This free online tool is from iWebTool, which tests your page loading time.

10. Site Speed Optimizer: You have to SignUp to test your website speed and performance. Worth trying.

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