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Natural Link Building with Content – 11 Great Tips

Using content for natural link building is the most preferred strategy by webmasters.

But, getting links for content is not as simple as it sounds. It requires a strategic approach of content creation with natural link acquisition in mind.

Links are the currency of the web. And, natural links carry the maximum value or weighted than editorial links, links from directories etc. So, building quality natural links require your content to be of great quality.

Natural Link Building Tips

1. Make a list of potential sites in your niche, and the type of content they usually links to.

2. Create a great piece of article with extensive research, and good amount of data and information. This is the type of content usually publishers (blogs and websites) like to link back.

3. Create a blog post which triggers an emotional reaction in publishers’ mind, causing it to link to your site. For example – your opinion about a current controversial issue or offering an inflammatory opinion about a current news or developments in your niche.

This process is called “link bait” and is a popular and effective natural link building strategy by webmasters.

4. Publish compelling images, videos and tools. These type of content usually attract links as bloggers, due to their emotional nature, tend to spread important information and messages by writing article with a link to the original creator.

5. Infographics and infovideos always able to attract tons of natural links. But your content should be of quality reference material, providing unique and powerful information to users.

6. Publish content which makes your site authoritative and helps establish as a leading expert on its topic matter.

7. Minimize the commercial nature of your content or blog posts. Obviously, nobody wants to give a reference and link to a page which is heavily stuffed with AdSense ads, affiliate programme ads and stuff like that.

8. Make your “above the fold” area content rich. If your above the fold is heavily stuffed with ads or any promotional content like – Lead capturing via Email subscription or testimonials, no matter how compelling the content below, no one wants to link back.

9. Don’t link to purely commercial websites or pages, and don’t put ads within the content itself. Not only it loses its appeal due to the commercial nature, but also it decreases the user experience by obstruction.

10. Don’t disguise or merge your commercial content (services) and your actual content (blog posts or articles). If your awesome article is just below the services offered by your blog or website, then other will be least interested to link back to your content.

11. Your specially created content or article (cornerstone content) to attract links can be highlighted separately or in a special section on the home page. This way your best creation gets maximum exposure.

Finally, the list of tips for natural link building by using content can go on… and on. Always remember, a personal relationship with the blog and website owners in your niche plays a vital role in getting links.

It’s up to you, how you are maintaining a good rapport with your fellow bloggers. You can develop a relationship by blog commenting, guest blogging or linking to their content.

If you have a tip to build link naturally using content, please add it in the comment section.

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