Link Building Strategies that Google Likes

The problem with so many webmasters and SEOs while link building for websites is – They try to over-smart Google.

Many a times they rely on link building strategies which are quick, unreliable, not from long-term prospective and associated with a lingering danger of penalty from Google.

With a “Sophisticated Link Analysis System” Google is getting more smarter to catch link spammers in 2013. Apart from that Google is getting more intelligent to evaluate the value of a link. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team, via a video and a tweet, publicly declared that – How Google will improve its link analysis system, and how it will take strong action against link-networks in 2013 and beyond.

Basic Fundamentals…

Link (Definition): A piece of hypertext link which when clicked redirects the users to another web-page or website.

Search engines discover web-pages or web-content across world wide web via links. According to the original “Page Rank Theory” which Larry Page and Sergey Brin postulated while they were undergraduates at Stanford University –

A link to a web-page is like a Vote Of Confidence. But, not all votes carry the equal weights.

That means, a link coming from the article body of a PR-7 web page is not equal to a link from the author-box on the same web-page via guest blogging, or a link on the comment section. Even though all three are dofollow links.

The value of a link depends upon the – Page Rank of the home page, Page Rank of the originating web-page, location of the link on the page, number of out-going links, anchor texts, subject relevance, niche relevance, authority of the site, trust factor of the site, and even the adjacent texts and links. Google calculates all these things in a millisecond while returning search results.

Again, nofollow links are not considered as vote of confidence. They are just “mentions.”  Here the webmaster is giving a link to another web-page or site to say something about it (positive or negative), without having full confidence. They don’t carry any value in terms of link-juice or Page Rank.

Google: Its entire content ranking system rely heavily on links and things associated with it. That’s the reason Google is investing so aggressively on links or link analysis system. And deploying its resources to catch link spammers or link networks and making the web spam-free.

Google is quite smart at evaluating a link’s actual value. It gives different weighted to different kind of links, like – Advertorial links, Footer links, Blog Roll links, Guest Blogging links, Infographic links, Links from social media profiles and directory links etc.

Time and again Google has told – Either earn links naturally or build links legitimately obeying Quality Webmaster Guidelines.

Link building strategies…

Let’s forget everything for a moment and tell me – What is the main goal of a website or an online business?

It’s not the link building or increasing the Page Rank of the website.

The main aim of an online business is to receive targeted traffic, capture prospects and convert them in to customers. Or simply – More traffic and more sales. That’s all.

So why are you confusing yourself with dofollow, nofollow, Page Rank and all the BS? If you really want to achieve your online goal, that is traffic and sales, then follow the Link Building Strategies Which Google Likes.

1. Buy Advertorials: Putting advertorials on busy websites or blogs is really rewarding. It’s up to you, whether you want to buy an advertorials on a site with 50,000 visitors per day, or 500,000 visitors per day.

The only thing you should remember to please Google is – make the advertorial link nofollow along with a clear disclosure. To get a good amount of targeted traffic and prospects select niche and authoritative sites.

2. Guest Blogging: Forget all the old wisdom about guest blogging.

Choose a blog which is popular and so busy to meet your traffic requirements. Use your best creation. Publish something which the author (founder) himself has not published on his blog. If you offer value to the publishing blog’s visitors along with authority, you will be successful in getting quality traffic.

And remember – Don’t expect any SEO value and never forget to diversify your anchor texts. If you are still in doubt, then request the blog owner to make your links nofollow in the author box.

3. Social Media Links: It’s difficult to believe, there are sites who drive hundreds of thousands of visitors daily from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Social media link is considered one of the safest which increases SEO value, and at the same time send tons of traffic. To achieve this your links, whether they are for content or image, or video; shouldn’t look like junk. Participate and add some value to your online social community.

4. Use Infographics: Google is quite smart at ignoring infographic links. But our main aim is – not to collect link-juice, but to receive tons of targeted traffic, right?

A well targeted and well marketed infographic is capable to send you great amount of targeted traffic from a number of authority sites. Considering the risk-reward ratio, I mean the expenditure and profit ratio, infographics and infovideos are IN.

5. Increase PR: Read Public Relations, not Page Rank. Building PR means building offline-links.

Organize or attend workshops and seminars, and even think of a cycle rally. Interact with real people and spread the words. Always remember, word of mouth spreads like wildfire. And the real offline people are the ones who will give you online-links and buy your products.

Your link building strategy in 2013 should be not only to build links, but also to please Google. These are the five safe link building tactics I’ve mentioned. Please add your in the comments below.

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