Increase Google Author Rank – 11 Great Tips

improving or Increase Google Author Rank is the latest craze among content creators and content marketers to achieve higher ranks in Google SERPs.

In an attempt to show the best search results, or deliver best possible user experience to web-searchers Google is planning to add Author Rank as a search engine ranking signal to its existing algorithm.

Definition: Google Author Rank is a numeric value ranging from 0 to 10 (just like Page Rank). Which is based upon the popularity, expertise (niche) and authority of the content creator, and will be used by Google as a ranking signal to rank content in SERPs.

Past History: Author rank is not a new concept for Google. In August 2005, Google had filed a patent for “Agent Rank” and was planning to use as a search engine ranking signal.

But the biggest problem was – inability to develop a concrete technology or platform to claim authorship of the content. With the introduction of Google+ and Google Authorship – the stage is wide open for Google Author Rank.

Google Authorship is – Claiming the authorship by tying the Google+ Profile of the author to the created content, and showing an image of the author along with the content in search results.

It seems like Google has found the best possible “digital signature” to introduce the new search engine signal Google Author Rank, which it was planning since last 7 years.

Tips to Increase Google Author Rank

1. Create killer content: Yes, creating compelling content to engage web-readers is the cornerstone for higher Google Author Rank.

Unique and compelling content builds authority and helps to achieve high Page Rank. And, average Page Rank of an author plays an important role to increase Google Author Rank.

Average Page Rank of an Author = Sum of PRs of all available articles by the author / Total number of articles by the author

The more the average PR of an author, the higher will be the Google Author Rank.

2. Stick to your niche: Google gives Author Rank on niche basis.

An author who is famous for creating technology related articles can’t be authoritative while writing an article about a recipe. Expertise and authority are the two main ingredients to improve Google Author Rank.

By deviating from your niche – You not only dilute your Author Rank (niche based), but also get a low Author Rank in the newer niche.

3. Be popular in Google+: Your presence in the number of Google+ Circles is important. The more people include you in their Google+ circles, the more popular you are.

Your presence in a Google+ influencer or famous author helps to achieve a high Author Rank.

Share interesting content in the form of text, image or link to communicate with other Google+ users. Most importantly, spend some quality time on Google+ on regular basis.

4. Be popular in other social media networks: Your influence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn counts.

While deriving Author Rank, Google also considers the author’s popularity in other social media networks. Be a social media influencer and enjoy a higher Google Author Rank.

5. +1s and shares per post: Create content, which, people love to +1 and share. An author’s credibility increases with each viral posts in social media (mainly in Google+).

Never forget to +1 and share other people’s (authors’) content if you think its share-worthy. It will help you in a great way to increase Google Author Rank.

6. Respond to readers’ comments: Number of comments on articles and your response to their (readers’) queries is vital.

Bottom line is – How you are treating your blog readers. Surprisingly, Google has already added the “Author’s response to commenters” in its ranking signal since long ago, but not able to received the deserved publicity till now.

In simple language – Do you like a shopkeeper who doesn’t respond to your queries after purchasing the goods. Just like a better after-sale services, responding to your commenters help to increase your Google Author Rank.

7. Connect with other popular and high Author Rank authors: Connect and share with popular authors in social media.

Their Likes, Re-tweets, Google+s and comments; all counts.

8. Guest posting on high Google Page Rank blogs: Guest blogging on an authoritative and high PR blog is a great way to increase Google Author Rank.

Get out from your closet. Get out from your own blog. And publish some great pieces of articles on other popular blogs in your niche.

Your acceptance as a guest blogger by other popular blogs is a measure of your popularity as an influential author. Writing on your own blog is under your control, but writing on others’ blog needs popularity and authority.

9. Create content regularly: Consistency counts.

Whether it is one post per day, or 3 posts per week, maintain a regular posting habits. The more current or more recent your posts are, the more credible you are as an author.

10. Presence on Wikipedia: Increase reputation means increase Google Author Rank.

A page about you and your creations in Wikipedia sends a strong signal to Google and other search engines.

11. Offline popularity: It’s self explanatory.

If you are a popular or known personality in niche based conference, workshop or gathering, then obviously people will follow you and your content online. There by contributing to your Google Author Rank.

FINAL WORDS: Google Author Rank is rolling out, may be tomorrow or after a couple of months. By introducing Google+ and Google Authorship – Google has expressed its intention clearly.

The right time to start working on the above points to increase Google Author Rank is TODAY, because TOMORROW will be too late.

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