How to add a Favicon in WordPress Blog

Favicon = Favorites + Icon . Favicon is just like a signature of your blog. It’s  a 16 x16 px square, graphic icon displayed by the browsers in the URL bars or on tabs to visually identify a particular website or blog. When users bookmark a website, the favicon helps visual identification of that site.

The 16 x16 px graphic icon is shaved as favicon.ico in the root directory of your server.

Create a favicon

1. First of all, you need an image ( any size ).

2. Go to  or convertico  or PNG to ICO .

3. Upload your image by clicking the ” Browse ” button then click  the ” Generate Favicon ” button.

4. You will be presented with a link to download the .ico file. Download and save the .ico file on your desktop.

5. Upload the favicon to your media library of your blog by clicking on the ” Add New ” under the ” Media ” tab.

5. Now install and activate a WordPress plugin called ” Personal Favicon “.

6. Under the ” Setting ” tab( Your WordPress Blog dashboard )click on  ” Personal favicon ” and copy/paste the image URL from your media library on the ” Personal Favicon URL ” field.

7. Choose  where to apply the favicon : Blog or Admin or Blog & Admin.

8. Click on ” Update “.

Voila, you are done !  Clear your browser’s cache, visit your blog and see your favicon !

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