Guest Blogging Blunder – Make Your Blog An Article Directory

Do you accept guest posts? And plenty of it?

Then you need a deep introspection – Whether you want to make a successful blog, or just want to make an Article Directory, where anybody and everybody just offload their stuff.

P.S.(Pre Script): This article is not for bloggers who accept guest posing rarely and selectively. It’s for those bloggers who accept guest blogging to run their blog.

Interestingly, these bloggers who usually accept guest blogging almost on a daily basis, describe themselves “Professional Bloggers.” But actually speaking they don’t have the time and required resources, or even expertise to create content for their blogs regularly.

Borrowing content from others for survival is just like borrowing money from others. It’s very funny that – Despite 80% of the content written by general public; they still call themselves “Founder and Owner.” Do they have the right to call like this?

Forget about Mashable and TechCrunch. They have their own brigade of paid writers. And what about and CopyBlogger? They (Darren Rowse and Brian Clark) filter their guest blogging articles so much so that; its very difficult to match their level, their standard of writing.

Fate of An Article Directory

If you are blogging for sometime, you must be aware of It’s a famous article directory for bloggers and content marketers.

The tagline of this famous article directory reads:

Submit your high-quality, original articles for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to your website.

Isn’t it sounds familiar on blogs accepting guest posts? Aren’t they promise all these benefits of guest blogging on their blogs?

If that is the case – Why Google Penguin labels all the links from EzineArticles as SPAMS? Why bloggers are afraid of putting their content on it?

It’s because – Exploitation. Exploitation of guest blogging to its fullest.

Here, every Tom, Dick and Harry write an article (garbage) and get 2 do-follow links. It’s like offloading their stuff in a public lavatory and getting paid for that.

Actually speaking 2 do-follow links means lot of things. But on EzineArticles – it’s a BIG ZERO. Even, websites are getting penalized for having links from it. Now the same content marketers and bloggers are requesting it to remove their do-follow links to avoid Google Penalty.

Fate of These Blogs

Blogs who accept guest posts – left, right and center; even though they are in blogging business for last 3 to 4 years, never get success. Look at their traffic, look at their income. It’s very miniscule compared to the time spent by them in this field.

Whose 8 out of 10 articles are written by other people – Do they have the guts to call them expert in a public forum? Do they feel proud when speaking to a blogger who writes his own blog? The answer is “NO.”

1. Lack of voice: These type of blogs lack the voice or tone of their main blogger.

It’s very difficult to feel the original flavor of the blog due to the presence of numerous guest bloggers, and absence of the founder as a content creator. Here, the original voice gets divided by the total number of guest bloggers.

2. Less value: They offer very less value to their readers.

The motive and the level of dedication of the guest blogger is always less than the owner. They write articles for the sake of guest blogging only.

Here, the host blog is like a hotel, and every guest blogger is a customer. Pay the rent (content), enjoy (traffic and links) and just move on. Does a customer think about the betterment of the hotel where he stays for 1 or 2 days?

3. Less traffic: Despite of their presence for 3 to 4 years in this field, their traffic never take-off in a big way.

The reason – Visit by the same guest bloggers again and again, either for blog commenting or spotting for guest blogging opportunities. Why a web-surfer will visit an article directory, with so many wonderful blogs around.

4. Less earning: Every marketer knows – traffic from search engines and first timers are the main buyers and Ad clickers on blogs. Because repeat visitors are always Ad-banner blind.

As 80% of their traffic constitute the same repeat visitors; they earn very less. Even the first timer hesitates to buy affiliate products due to lack of conviction.

5. Danger of search engine penalty: Spammers are always street-smart.

They scramble their articles and present in such a way that, it seems more valuable than the original one. With the availability of various article spinning tools, sometimes it’s very difficult to detect the duplicate one.

Moreover, these days, 3rd party marketers constitute the major guest bloggers for their website owners. In the name of free articles, they get good payment from their customers and offload their garbage on these blogs, for the sake of links.

Final Words: Guest blogging is a great tool to build reputation, traffic and link; provided, the guest blogger as well as the host blogger follow the requisite guest blogging etiquette.

Secondly, it should be practiced in a moderation. Everything in excess is bad; so also guest blogging.

What’s your take on Guest Blogging? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

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