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Photoshop CS6 Useful Tutorials

Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used graphic editing tools, which is loved by its users. It has become a really cool multipurpose tool over the years, which has the ability of creating complicated graphic designs, animations and editing and modifying images to create something surreal and wonderful. The best things about it are its amazing user interface, various useful tools which make your task easier and the fact that once you get used to it, […]

Best Pagination Designs

In this Article, we have gathered for you some amazing, useful and free pagination PSD files. With this Collection, you can make your website designs more colorful, appealing and exciting, and besides this Pagination looks will make your work easy and simple as well as save your valuable time. You can also use this collection in your forth coming projects. You can download these pagination PSDs files totally free. With an eye-catching and elegant pagination, you can easily grab the […]

PSD to HTML/CSS Tutorials

In this roundup, we present very helpful collection of excellent PSDs to HTML or CSS conversion tutorials. With the passage of time, more and more people are getting familiar with HTML and CSS as well as the different techniques to convert Photoshop designs into HTML or CSS format. For a designer or web developer, knowing how to convert PSD files to HTML or CSS code is crucial. A successful blogger, designer or developer is well equipped with this essential technique […]

Top 5 WordPress Watermarking Plugins

If you’re a graphic designer, photographer or just like to take and use your own photos on your blog, you know how valuable these images are. There’s nothing like having your image stolen and used on another website or blog without your permission. Even worse, some may even take the credit for your hard work. Some designer use an image editing program to add watermarks (which serve as a copyrights) to their photos and graphics, but if you’re a WordPress user, there are some […]

3D Text Effects in Photoshop

Typography is not just about the arrangement and placement of letters and words, rather it has become a field of art where artists can express themselves solely through the use of different styles of fonts with varying sizes. Typography has continued to expand as an art, though one must always heed the design principles behind it. Then one finds themselves freer to explore the more artistic sides of this element. Many designers make use of Photoshop to generate some stunning […]

8 Photoshop Tricks

Photoshop is one of the (if not THE) most well known software used in the design industry when it comes to manipulating images and pixels. As a web designer I had some Photoshop lessons at school but that was 2 years ago. Today the software has evolved, more options are available, and I also learn a few tricks while practicing. You will find in this article eight tricks I wish I knew when I was a student (or wish existed in previous Photoshop versions). These […]

Make animated gifs online

HERE is a list of sites where you can make Animated Gifs online without downloading any software! If you want to add animated gifs in your blog, do NOT resize the gif using height and width attribute of image tags. Because doing so will “break” the image. Resize before uploading, not after. *** Gifmake This is a pretty simple animation tool. You can upload images either from your computer or from the web and then set the speed for individual […]