Best SEO Services As a Client

What do webmasters should expect for their websites or blogs, while choosing an affordable and best seo services?

Is it 10s of thousands of traffic? Or, simply listing on the first page of Google at number 1 or number 2 spot?

A top class and good SEO services means “much more than traffic and listing on 1st page of Google.” A service which multiply your ROI (Return On Investment), a service which helps you to capture leads, a service which converts your leads in to sales – Is called modern and effective SEO services.

Search engine visibility of your company, that also in a trust-worthy manner is controlled by your SEO provider. Even your company’s brand value also controlled by him to certain extend.

The role of a search engine optimizer has broaden in recent times, tandem with Google’s incremental change and addition of ranking algorithms.

Modern day SEOs are much more goal oriented. Gone are the days when SEOs were spending their maximum time on meta tags and keyword placement. Now they are out of their closet.

Best SEO Services Means…

1. Crawling and Indexing: The first and foremost thing an SEO should do is – making your site crawlable by search engine bots.

Fast indexing of your content and pages is only possible with regular crawling of SE bots. It’s the duty of the SEO is to check the robots.txt file to ascertain any interference with search engine spidering.

A well crawlable and indexable website is the stepping stone of online success, and this should be the first and foremost thing you should expect from an SEO service provider.

2. Better Navigation: Home page…. Number of Clicks…. Content.

Better navigational structure means – less number of clicks from your home page to reach your website content and pages. This makes your visitors happy and increases the staying time, thereby improving the bounce rate.

Make your content findable and reachable in shortest possible path (Clicks).

3. Search Engine Friendly Website: There is no point of optimization if the website theme or template is not search engine friendly.

Search engine bots never rank a website higher if it is full of flash and java script elements. Because they can’t see these elements, unlike human beings. They think these are waste space or barren lands on the website.

It is the job of an experienced SEO to optimize the website template for search engines – by removing unnecessary coding, image optimization, reducing flash elements etc.

4. Google Panda Compliance: Detecting thin content or pages, and making it indepth and latest makes Google Panda stay away from your website.

For your information – If your website has 500 pages and only 5 to 10 pages are thin or shallow, then Panda never hits. But, this is the Pre-Panda phase, and correcting the errors to make your website Panda compliance, well in time, is the job of a best SEO service provider.

5. Google Penguin Compliance: Making your backlinks profile clean makes your website immune to Google Penguin.

Use of best possible link detection tools to find out spammy links, and removing them by various methods including Google Disavow Link Tool (if necessary) is the duty of a top class SEO service provider.

Every Penguin update hitting website harder, and making the website Penguin compliance should be the main aim of a search engine optimizer.

6. Google Webmasters Guidelines Compatible: Is your website is following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

Just like “Prevention is always better than cure” – Following Google’s Webmaster guidelines keep your website away from any search engine penalty.

By promulgating the Best Webmaster Guidelines, Google is helping you to find, crawl and index your site by search engine bots. And, a smart SEO makes your site compatible with all the rules.

7. Social Media Shareable: Social signal plays an important role in search engine ranking. And, making your site shareable in social media networks is the wisest thing you can do.

Your visitors shouldn’t struggle to find the various social media buttons on your site to share with their friends. You are killing three birds by adding social icons to your site, that is – Traffic, social recognition and higher rankings.

8. Content Marketing: It is one of the best in-bound marketing at present time.

It is not only cost effective, but also helps to get well targeted traffic for higher conversion. Best SEO services help their clients with SEO Copywriting to generate traffic, lead and conversions.

9. Fast Loading Website: Modern web-surfers have reduced attention-span, and fast loading web-pages are need of the time.

It increases the user experience, and is a ranking signal in Google algorithm. Instead of giving this job to the web-designer, modern SEO practitioners prefer to do this on their own.

You can also take the help of CDN WordPress Plugins, if your website or blogging platform is WordPress based.

10. Responsive Website: In 2014, mobile devices will outrank desktop for web-searching.

To encash the traffic from mobile devices like smart phones, tablets etc., your website should be responsive. Responsive websites attract more repeat visitors on the go, due to better user experience.

11. Subscriber Friendly: Subscribers are loyal readers. And, loyal readers are better leads and good prospects for conversions and sales.

An eye catching and well reachable Email subscription box attracts more number of subscribers. It should be above the fold to grab maximum attention of your blog readers.

12. Landing Page Optimization: If you are selling online goods or providing online services, then lead capturing should be the first thing in your marketing campaign.

A well structured and well designed landing page helps you to capture maximum leads. And, it’s very much comes under your SEO service provider.

13. Keyword Research and Link Building: SEO starts with keyword research.

Knowing the keywords related to your niche means knowing – How your visitors are searching the content or products your website offers.

Again, links are the currency of the web. Getting a backlink from an authority site is like winning a confidence vote. A site with better backlinks profile ranks higher in Google search.

Providing well researched keywords and building quality links are two main things a best SEO service provider always do.

14. Re-indexing of Websites Due to Penalty or Banned by Google: Search engine penalty or banning of websites by Google is not uncommon.

The penalty may be either manual or algorithmic (Panda and Penguin). But, complete de-indexing of websites from Google search is always manual. This is usually followed by a warning notification in your Google Webmaster Tool.

Diagnosing the root cause, treating with best possible methods and re-indexing in Google search is the thing you should expect from a best SEO services provider.

Do you expect anything more from a top class and best SEO services provider?

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