How to Avoid Duplicate Content Penalty

Is it possible to publish some content from other sources or sites without any Google penalty Avoid Duplicate Content Penalty?

With the introduction of Google Panda algorithm, more and more webmasters are fearing to publish content from other blogs or websites.

Google Panda is meant to fight against low quality content, which also covers duplicate content. With every Panda update, more and more sites are being penalized.

Recently, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team has released a new webmaster help video in response to a question asked by a webmaster from Netherlands.

Below is the question asked by Anil

Correct quotations in Google. How can you quote correctly from different sources without getting penalized for duplicated content? Is it possible to quote and refer to the source?


Webduos’s View: If you are a regular blogger and want to quote some excerpt, or want to mention some other blogger’s view; just put that in a block quote and include a link to the original source, and you are pretty safe.

If that’s the sort of thing you are doing, then you shouldn’t worry about duplicate content issues. Google is very good at detecting that sort of thing without any issue at all.

But, if you are quoting an entire article from other source, or from multiple articles from other websites without creating any original content then Google view your site differently.

If you are writing a blog post quoting some other source with a link, and adding some value to it by making it more indepth, or expressing your opinion; then its fine. No matter, you agree or disagree with the original author’s opinion.

Checkout the video below…

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