8 SEO Tips For Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search SEOFacebook Graph Search has a huge database – One billion people, more than 240 billion photos and a trillion connections.

To tap this traffic gold mine with your Facebook page, it has to be SEO optimized. It has to emits the necessary signals for maximum visibility in Facebook Graph search.

Definition: A Facebook Search Engine which returns the best possible suggestions (search results) when people search for things and relationships they care about.

Web search Vs. Facebook Search: When you search something on Google, Yahoo or Bing, using a keyword or phrases, it returns a set of results that match those keywords.

When you search on Facebook Graph Search, it returns a set of people, pages, apps, groups, photos, places and other content stored (or shared) on Facebook. But Graph Search will be limited to users’ content meant for public view, respecting the privacy.

How people will find your business: When people search for their interests and needs, Facebook Graph search will show your business page in the search results, if it is somehow related to their queries.

SEO Tips to Place Your Business Page At the Top

1. The basic information on your page like – Category, Short description and About section (description) should be descriptive enough and contain your top keywords (few).

2. Your Address section is important for local search. A clearly filled, and updated address with reference to a nearby famous land-mark will make it more visible, when someone will search for a location.

3. Make your Facebook Page publicly viewable and shareable by setting the correct parameters in the “Manage Permissions” section. Set your “Country Restriction” and “Age Restriction” accordingly.

4. Let everyone to post, add and tag photos to your Facebook Page Timeline. Keep the Posting Ability, Post Visibility and Tagging Ability sections un-check.

This can increase the affinity or proximity or closeness, thereby increasing the chances of more visibility in users’ search results.

Set the Profanity Blocklist – none.

5. Check the “Similar Page Suggestions” section. Thereby allowing Facebook to recommend your Company Page, when people like other pages similar to yours.

6. Likes and Check-ins are important ranking signals, along with the content shared by your business page. So invite your fans to interact with your page by running quiz, polls and contest etc.

7. Focus on attracting right fans and groups to your page for better interaction and affinity. Which also sends a better ranking (SEO) signal.

8. Don’t be spammy by promoting unnecessary links, photos and stuff like this. Your content should be somehow related to your business or niche.

Right now, Facebook Graph Search is in its infant stage. In the coming months it will be available for all Facebook users with all the search features.

Add your SEO Tips for Facebook Graph Search to make this list more valuable.

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