7 Best Twitter Plugins for WordPress

Do you know – The best way to rule the Twitter World via your WordPress blog is what? Obviously a plugin, a twitter WordPress plugin!

Twitter, and social media as a whole is going through the golden phase. As a blogger the best way to leverage the power of Twitter Plugins for WordPress.

I have collected 7 Best Twitter plugins for WordPress, out of 100s, to rule the social media in 2012.

So, let the collection begins…

Best Tweeter Plugins for WordPress in 2012

1. TweetMeme: Used by some of the World’s best websites like Mashable, Techcrunch,,, Wired, Time Magazine and many more. Installed on over 100,000 websites and downloaded over 600,000 times, this is the darling of every WordPress blogger.

An amazing way to be re-twitted of your blog post or page. It shows a live count of how many times your posts or pages re-tweeted. Quick loading and easy customization makes it one of the best Twitter plugin for your WordPress blog.

The TweetMeme button is a fantastic way for our readers to engage with our stories and signals which posts are a hit with the Twitter community. The button has been a valuable addition to our site and consistently drives reader engagement – Pete Cashmore,

2. TweetOldPost: It’s a plugin to tweet about your older posts to  get more visitors and keep them alive. It is designed for this purpose.

You can set the time and the number of tweets to be posted to drive more traffic to your blog. What a great way to leverage social media power in 2012.

3. JetPack: I bet you, this is the best plugin available to concur the Twitter World or Social Media World as a whole.

Sharing your contents on Twitter, displaying a Twitter widget on the sidebar with latest feeds and allowing your commentors to login via Twitter credentials is great fun with JetPack, besides plenty of other features of blog promotion.

4. Twitter Reactions (Premium – US$2): A fully customizable Tweeter widget to display all the Twitter reactions about your posts or pages. Compatible with almost all the modern browsers, this is an unique thing to give a try.

5. Twitter Traffic Pop (Premium – US$3): A great way to spread your words in the Twitter World like a wild fire.

Fully customizable, optional close button, and with locks-out page functionality, you can easily make Twitter your slave. Rock your blogging career with this viral Twitter plugin in 2012.

6. Twitter Support Tickets (Premium – US$ 15): If you provide some services or sell goods via your WordPress blog, and want to run a nifty support system, then this plugin is definitely for you.

Secure, display counter and auto-refresh of tweets are few nice features of this Twitter plugin.

7. Tweeter Hover Tweet (Premium – US$ 4): Add slick, smooth, hover effects to your post images and make them instantly tweet-able. Works nicely on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

This cross-browser compatible WordPress Twitter plugin is a great tool to make the Twitter follow your blog.

So, which plugin you use on your WordPress blog to spread your words in Twitter World?

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