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5 plus 5 SEO Tips For Bloggers

Are you a serious blogger, who wants to earn some extra bucks for pocket money?

Or, planning to make blogging as a full-time career?

If this is the case, then your blog needs more search engine visibility and more clicks. And you can safely guess “more clicks means more revenue.”

Now, the question is – How can you achieve more search engine visibility?

It’s simple – Optimize your blog content for search engines, or S-E-O.

Without much ado, lets dive into the subject matter and discuss about the “Top 5 SEO Tips for Bloggers.”

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1. Include your keyword in the post title

The ‘keywords’ people are searching on the web, or the keyword for which you are writing the blog post is most important in SEO.

Include your keyword in your blog post title. I mean, craft your post title in such a way that it contains your keyword in a natural way. It’s a proven fact – Google give much more importance to keywords in the post title.

One more thing I want to tell you here – Always make your post title H1. It shouldn’t be H2 or H3, which are used for sub-headings and sub-sub-headings respectively. This is the basic SEO of taxonomy.

Finally, your keyword shouldn’t be repeated in your post title. It should appear only once, to avoid keyword stuffing.

2. Make your meta-description appealing

The 2 lines of snippets, which is also called meta description appears in the SERPs, just below the post URL. It plays an important role in achieving higher CTR (Click through rate).

Meta-description is a short teaser of your blog post to lure or give an idea about your post to web searchers.

Meta description is the visible portion in search results, and Google bolds the search terms appearing within it.

So, include your keyword in the meta description, and make it short and as interesting as possible. Always remember – Most of the search engines display only the initial 160 characters of the meta description, so construct your description accordingly. Again, never try to stuff your keywords in this section, to avoid any sort of ranking penalty.

3. Avoid keyword stuffing

Here, I mean to say – Write for your audience. Never ever write for search engines.

Finally people are going to read your articles, not the search engine bots. AdSense clicks, affiliate buying, anything and everything related money will be performed by your readers.

Google takes keyword stuffing very seriously, and runs the Panda algorithm to weed-out or demote web-pages stuffed with keywords. Make it a point – Write your article in a natural way, without bothering about keyword density.

4. Make your blog post shareable

It’s a proven fact – Social media signal helps to rank your blog content higher in search engines.

The more number of likes, re-tweets and stumbles it gets, the higher it will be in search engine ranking in due course. Make available social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon on your post for ease of sharing.

5.Interlink your blog posts

Links on your blog post serve 3 purposes –

  • 1stly, it sends a signal to the search engines about the subject matter.
  • 2ndly, it provides an unique opportunity to your readers to read your older blog posts.
  • 3rdly, it helps your readers to refer the related content for in-depth knowledge.

OK guys, I’ve 5 more SEO tips to share with you, for your successful blogging career. Let’s Check it out…

6. Make your article in-depth. It should contains at least 400 words to stay away from Google Panda, and fulfills the minimum staying period on a web-page.

7. Never buy or sell links. And even, don’t be a part of link scheme.

8. Build links in a legitimate way by guest blogging.

9. Never hesitate to link-back other sites on your blog post. Search engines like web-pages which link other sites for better user experience.

10. Don’t make all the outgoing links on your post no-follow. Cast your vote with confidence, to the sites you think authoritative and trustworthy.

I’ve finished my saying. Now it’s your turn to add a tip or two to let the discussion continue.

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