5 Best WordPress Comments Plugins to Your Blog

Every WordPress blog has an inbuilt comment functionality. Many a times, this default comments section in WordPress blog is not adequate to cater the needs of a blogger.

By using comment plugins, you can enhance the functionality of a WordPress blog by many folds, driving plenty of targeted traffic.

Comment plugins can help blogs in many ways like – Encouraging visitors to comments more, increase interactivity for better engagements, SEO with comment section of the blog and  comment alerts for the author etc.

1. DISQUS: One of the best comments plugin for WordPress blog. With a community base of  200 million people and installed on half a million blog, this plugin is the darling of many well known websites like CNN, Time, FoxNews etc. With real time posting and updating, usually live discussion sparks-up. Fully integrated with social media services like Facebook,Twitter etc for login and sharing with others, this comments plugin is definitely the best.

2. LiveFyre:Engage your visitors by bringing the conversation happening on Facebook and Twitter. A commenter can invite her Facebook and Twitter friends to engage with your content right from the comment box. Visitors have option to signin with multiple social networks services. LiveFyre make super easy for commenter to share content with friends on other social networks with a single click.

3. CommentLuv: If your blog is not getting adequate comments, then CommentLuv is definitely for you. It encourages comments and interaction in a great way. It generates a hyperlink to the latest blog post by the commenter, which most blog commenters like and visit your blog frequently. It allows visitors to leave comments with the Twitter name, there by inviting more followers and comments. It automatically detects 99% spam bots and keeps the spam at bay. A great comment plugin for sure.

4. ReplyMe: It sends an Email to the commenter when she leaves a comment, there by making road for further discussion and engagement.

5. Subscribe to comments: It allows commenters to sign up for Email notification for subsequent comments on the same blog post, there by encourages frequent visits and engagement.

Install WordPress comments plugin of your choice and make your blog alive with more comments and traffic.

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