11 Great Tips to Writing Blog Post

Wanna write a great blog post and grab the social media attention by flurry of re-tweets, likes or StumbleUpon ? Or, want to list your blog post on the 1st page of Google and drive loads of traffic to your blog ? I will tell you 11Tips to Writing Blog Post which is not only SEO friendly but also the potential to go viral in social media.

Blog Post Writing – 1st Phase

1. Great and successful blog post always takes birth from offline. Take few sheets of white paper (3 to 4) and staple them or, you can use a notebook (meant for your blog).

2. Great blog post always requires a great mood and creative mindset. Writing a routine blog post to increase your blog content without a creative-mood is definitely no no ! To tune your creative mind to write a great blog post you should take inspiration from other things you like the most.

3. Your blog post should be within the niche of your blog. If you write a post unrelated to your blog topic then your search engine ranking will be suffered.

4. Keep ready the Online and Offline resources if any, for ready reference and linking (mention).

Blog Post Writing 1st Phase

Blog Post Writing – 2nd Phase

5. Your blog post heading which remains in the “ H1 tag ” should be provocative enough to be clicked by the web surfers. Without a great heading your post can’t go viral in social media and blogosphere. Post heading is the visible part of SEO, which needs the attention of search engine users to be clicked.

6. Pen-down your article systematically with a great flights of thought and uncensored mind. Be careful, your blog post should not be lengthy enough to trigger the attention span of the reader. Blog post with approximately 500 characters are considered good. On the contrary, if your post is less than 250 characters then your ranking will be suffered in the search engine for thin content.

7. On-page SEO : Optimize your H1, H2, bold, italic and underline tags with a balanced ratio of keywords and content to squeeze out the maximum SEO juice to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). As, meta keywords don’t play a big role in search engine algorithm these days, don’t invest much time for it. Focus on internal linking of your articles for better SEO and reader engagement. If required, never hesitate to link external sites for reference.

8. Visual Delight – Support your article with few images (at least 1) to make it visually appealing and easy to understand for blog readers. Optimize your image for better SE ranking.

9. No Excuse for Typos – Web surfers usually downgrade a blog or website mentally by finding typos and grammatical errors in the post. Check for spelling mistakes and grammar twice, before pressing the publish button. Otherwise, your blog readers will be reluctant to re-visit your blog in future.

Blog Post Writing 2nd Phase

Blog Post Writing – 3rd Phase

10. Promote your blog post in social media intelligently. Using proper description, tags and category you can make your blog post an instant hit on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg or StumbleUpon.

11. Follow up your blog readers comments timely and with a great care. Sometime you have to provide a solution to the commenter which is time consuming. And, sometime you just have to say “Thank you for the info ”.

Blog Post Writing 3rd Phase

This blog post was published in approximately 1hr and 40 minutes with a beautiful mindset. So, follow the above 11 tips for writing a great blog post and make it stand out in blogosphere and social media. Now, it’s your turn to add – tips for writing a great blog post.

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